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I teach about culture, work, gender, family, childhood and qualitative methods.  

​Most of these have been undergraduate and graduate-level courses at the University of Virginia.


In Fall 2014, I also taught on the Semester-at-Sea "Atlantic exploration" voyage (see picture below). 


Contact me for syllabi for any of the following:


  • Graduate Research Workshop (article-writing course)

  • Sociology of Culture.

  • Qualitative Methods.

  • Sociology of Gender.

  • Sociology of the Family.


  • Sociology of Emotions.

  • Pavilion Seminar: Compassion, Culture and Inequality.

  • Sociology of the Family.

  • Sociology of Childhood.

  • Love, Sex and Sociology.

  • Special Topics in Work:  The Ethics of Insecurity.

  • Care, Inequality and the Market.

  • USEM (first year seminar):  Fear, Risk and Modernity:  The Sociology of Safety.

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